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pk10牛牛官网Product Sales Director

Post duties:

1, It is responsible for market research and demand analysis;

pk10牛牛官网2, responsible for annual sales forecast, target formulation and decomposition;

pk10牛牛官网3, determine the sales department target system and sales quotas;

4, make sales plan and sales budget;

pk10牛牛官网5, Responsible for the management of sales channels and customers;

pk10牛牛官网6, Set up a sales team and train the sales staff;

7, Evaluate sales performance and build sales team.


pk10牛牛官网1, College degree or above, marketing and other related majors;

2, More than 2 years working experience in sales industry, sales management experience is preferred;

3, rich customer resources and customer relations, outstanding performance;

pk10牛牛官网4, Strong ability of market analysis, marketing, promotion, good interpersonal communication and coordination, and ability to analyze and solve problems;

5, Strong career ambition and leadership.

PVC Master

1, Three years experience in PVC wire production, capable of debugging PVC equipment;

2, can bear hardships and endure hard work, have good dedication spirit;

3, the production process can be timely analysis and treatment.


1, women;

2, 25-40 years old, good health;

3, responsible for the monthly accounts of the company's customers and suppliers;

4, the monthly entry of the invoice and the tax administration;

pk10牛牛官网5, monthly financial statements and funds flow summary.

Merchandising Clerk

1, Familiar with the work contents and process of merchandiser in manufacturing industry;

2, Proficient in office software, mainly word and excele;

pk10牛牛官网3, Strong sense of responsibility, initiative and conscientious;

pk10牛牛官网4, Good communication skills, good team spirit and sense of cooperation.

pk10牛牛官网Sales Business

1, do channel business for more than two years;

2, The sales experience of the cable industry is preferred;

pk10牛牛官网3, Teamwork spirit;

pk10牛牛官网4, have the responsibility, improve heart, can bear hardships and endure hard work.

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